Sunday, 16 February 2014

REVIEW: Barbara Daly foundation

Finding the right foundation is, for many of like attempting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro - a lifelong ambition. (But not quite as extreme, obviously.) 

I myself have always struggled with foundations as I have somewhat oily, shiny skin that tends to dry out incredibly quickly, meaning that for my skin to look its best I need a foundation that is moisturizing, not too oily and that gives a matte look finish - fussy, I know. 

As I have said before Rimmel is my go to brand, from eyeliner to powder, it is most definitely a brand I trust and so it makes sense that for the past few years Rimmel is the only foundation I have really used, that is until a couple of days ago when I invested in a little bottle of Barbara Daly make-up. 

To be totally honest, when I walked into the beauty section I was always going to buy yet another tube of Rimmel's Matte Look foundation, however,the slightly lower price of the on sale Barbara Daly collection caught my eye. 

Priced at just *£4 this oil-free foundation seemed like a real bargain, and so with my bank account in mind, I decided to throw caution to the wind, scrap the Rimmel foundation and invest in something new, and dare I say it, something a little cheaper. 

I must admit that I love the frosted look of the little glass bottle that the foundation comes in, it really adds a touch of class to the product.

The first thing I noticed about the foundation itself was the gentle floral scent it seemed to be infused with, not overly strong or heavy but perfect for taking away that 'foundation-smell' that you get with many high-street branded products. 

The texture of the foundation feels light and silky and can easily by applied using just your finger tips with a little help from the built in bottle lid spatula, as I call it. 

The thinner consistency of the foundation allows it to give only a light covering, perfect for creating a natural look, however this thinner consistency makes it almost impossible to cover blemishes without the use of concealer or powder.

In my new BD foundation, perhaps in need of a little blush?

Despite the lack of spot and blemish cover this foundation provides, it's light texture, matte look finish and of course low price makes it a great buy and one which I would most definitely recommend.

*disclaimer: £4 sale price, usually priced at £8, available to buy here

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