Monday, 10 March 2014

PANCAKE TIME - Yes, I know I am nearly a week late!

I may be a few days late with the Pancake Day post, but that's just because I ended up going out for dinner on the day itself, and by the time I got home I was sadly just too full to even consider a late night snack.

However, this meant that last night I was able to treat myself to a stack of pancakes - a perfect weekend treat!

I must admit that although I can cook, pancakes have always been my weakness; the batter is either to thick or too thin, and regardless of the amount of oil I use, they just always seem to stick.

But, this year there was one mighty difference, my new non-stick, Tefal frying pan - all I can say lifesaver!

For once, almost perfect pancakes!

Pancake cooking aside, for me one of the best parts of pancake day is the toppings. The problem is, I literally love everything, from sweet to savoury, from simple lemon and sugar, to dill, smoked salmon and cream cheese. I am a total foodaholic.

This year however, due to a combination of a lack of funds, and me being in a totally sugar craving mood, I stuck to topping my pancakes with sweet treats.

If I am making pancakes myself, as a pose to popping to a pancake house, I tend to stick to the old classic of lemon and sugar, as I love the balance of the sour, fruity lemon juice and sweet sugar. However, this year after watching my partner make a delicious looking nutella and banana pancake, I just could not resist a taste.

Yummy nutella and banana pancakes!

Although a lot sweeter than my all time favourite, lemon and sugar, this yummy topping of nutella and banana makes for a great treat for anyone, who like me, has an incredibly sweet tooth.

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