Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Recipe Read - Homemade Fro Yo

As I am still in training for my 10K Race for Life event next month, I thought I would make this week's recipe read a nice and healthy(ish) one. After some thought and consideration about the perfect recipe, I decided on homemade Frozen Yogurt as not only is it healthy and packed full of fruit, it is also a perfect treat for the gorgeous Summer weather we have recently been having!

With so many recipes for Frozen Yogurt, I honestly couldn't decide which fabulous concoction to try first, however I eventually settled on a yummy sounding Strawberry recipe* that was not only simple and easy to do, but also did not require an ice cream maker, which considering the fact I don't have one, was rather fortunate.

To create this delicious treat you will need:

455 grams of fresh Strawberries
85 grams of Caster Sugar
160 grams of Greek Yogurt
1 tsp of fresh Lemon juice
Sprinkle of Xanthan Gum (optional)

You will also need:

A set of measuring scales
1 large mixing bowl
A blender
Wooden spoon
Freezable container


Begin by slicing the strawberries into thin pieces.

Then place the strawberries in the mixing bowl with the sugar, stirring until the sugar begins to dissolve. Cover with Clingfilm and leave to stand at room temperature for an hour.

Place the strawberry and sugar mixture into the blender, add the yogurt, fresh lemon juice and Xanthan Gum if using. Blend until the mixture is smooth.

Place the mixture in the fridge to chill for one hour.

After an hour place the mixture into the freezable contain and place in the freezer. Be sure to check mixture regularly, stirring every 40 minutes to help stop ice crystals forming and ruining the texture.

Once fully frozen, remove from freezer, serve and enjoy.

Helpful hint: although the Xanthan Gum is optional, it thickens the mixture and gives it a better texture, preventing ice crystals from forming. For anyone without an ice cream maker, Xanthan Gum is an excellent buy, available from Whole Foods and Sainsbury's.

*Disclaimer: this recipe originally came from twopeasandtheirpod.com but has been modified for use without an ice cream maker.


  1. Great recipe:) I have been into like fro-yo, ice cream and all that stuff mainly because of the summer, so I think I am going to try this recipe out!



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