Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Recipe Read - Avocado for Breakfast

Although I normally tend to stick to sweet recipes for my baking series, The Recipe Read, I just couldn't resist sharing this super healthy and incredibly simple breakfast recipe...

After realizing that I had completely run out of eggs - my preferred Sunday breakfast choice, I came across a pack of avocados I had completely forgotten about and got to thinking how I could use them for my breakfast. However, with the obvious choice of in a smoothie out the window due to the fact I recently broke my blender and have not yet replaced it, I realised I would need to be a little more creative... After some quick recipe hunting I came across this perfect recipe and couldn't wait to try it out!

For this yummy breakfast you will need:

1 medium avocado
A handful of plum or cherry tomatoes
2 slices of multi-grain bread (I chose to use multi-grain sour dough)
1 lime
Salt & Pepper

You will also need:

A chopping board
A fork
A sharp knife


Begin by slicing the avocado in half, peeling it and then thinly slicing it.

Place the bread in the toaster.

Slice the tomatoes in half and mash up the avocado slices ready to spread onto the toast.

Once the toast has popped up, top with the mashed avocado, add a squeeze of lime juice and salt and pepper to taste, then top with the sliced tomatoes.

Plate up and enjoy!

*disclaimer: this recipe originally came from

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