Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Until earlier this month, I had never been to Manchester, and if I am being honest, I was not entirely sure what to expect; however, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by my little visit!

Although I had never been to the area before, my fiancé, who is an avid Man City supporter, is somewhat of a regular to the area (for obvious reasons), and so he was able to show me all the best places around.

We began our trip with a compulsory visit to the Etihad Stadium and gift shop, in Sports City.

As you can see, my lovely fiancé was VERY excited! 

After what seemed like hours, Man City's biggest fan, aka the fiancé, finally picked a new Man City shirt to take home, and off we went again. (I must say, I really do approve of the retro-style shirt he picked out!)

Our next stop was in Rusholme, a small suburb outside the city centre, where and I quote, "there is the best sweet shop in the world", otherwise known as, Sanam Indian and Pakistani Restaurant and Sweet House.

I just love the bright colours of the sweets!
We choose a selection of yummy looking sweets, including an Indian version of good old coconut ice - my favourite kind of sweet! Although I was incredibly excited to try our sweets, I was a little apprehensive about how expensive they might be, especially as we had a box full, but luckily for me this whole box cost just £5 - such a bargain!

Once we had enjoyed our little 'snack', shall we call it, we headed off in search of my brother's flat, where we were spending the night. After accidently getting lost in Bolton, we finally made it.

Pretty soon after we arrived, my brother took us to a local eatery that served a delicious selection of cakes - perfect for an evening snack!

There was such a lovely selection of desserts to choose from, including a slightly strange sounding, mint custard dessert and chocolate brownie combination, that I felt spoilt for choice. However, I stuck to what I know, so to speak, and choose a gorgeous chocolate orange dessert (pictured above). For anyone who doesn't know me, I have a real 'thing' for chocolate and orange combinations, making this just perfect for me and my orange-loving, sweet tooth!

The following day I spent the afternoon exploring The Trafford Centre with my brother and his girlfriend, whilst my finace attend a work event in the city.

I must say that The Trafford Centre was so much more than impressive, it was totally gorgeous and best of, was packed full of all my favourite fashion stores. I think it is safe to say that I totally fell in love...

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  1. I am from Manchester and Curry Mile (Rusholme) is amazing. If you pop into Manchester again The Northern Quarter is also a top place to visit it has such a chilled, creative vibe. And the Trafford Centre is fantastic!