Sunday, 22 June 2014

My 10K Challenge: Race for Life

Anyone who knows me will know that I am not sporty at all, in fact the mere thought of exercise turns me into a quivering mess. However, earlier this year I pledged to compete in the 10K Race for Life; you might be thinking that for someone who hates exercise choosing the 10K instead of the 5K was a mistake but you would be wrong - if I was going to use exercise to go head to head with the disease that takes so many, then I wanted a challenge.

So, about four months ago I went out, brought trainers, went for a couple of runs and stopped there - work, uni and general life seemed to always get in the way of my training, but now, with just over a month until the big day, I have a lot of work to do.

I have found a running plan that claims to be able to get anyone up and running 10K in just 4 weeks, so with that, some Mo Farah style healthy eating (here comes the Quorn) and a lot of hard work, I should, fingers crossed be able to cross the finish line.

My aim is to raise 250 GBP, if you would like to help me reach this goal please visit my JustGiving page here. Any donations, big or small will be really appreciated.

Although this challenge is about raising money and awareness of Cancer, it is also a personal goal of mine to be able to run an entire 10K, get in shape and hopefully, get fit for life.

So, the plan is to post on here about my training plan, diet and overall health throughout the 4 weeks to keep me motivated and on-track - all I can say, is wish me luck!

P.S If you have any advice for me please feel free to comment.


  1. Some advice that has helped me run is if you run on a treadmill always run with an incline or try run hills as much as possible, you will struggle then but then when it comes to the race, running on the flat ground feels so much easier. :)

    1. Thanks Maddy, that's really helpful - right now I need all the help I can get! If you have any nutritional advice for preparation I would really appreciate it! :)