Friday, 27 June 2014

thumbs for fashion: Health and Nutrition

Partly due to my Race for Life 10K training program, diet plan and health kick, I decided to start a new weekly series on the blog, based purely on health and nutrition.

As someone who has always been exercise phobic, picture the girl from school who would hide in the loos or forge an injury note just to miss double P.E and that's me, so all this training is basically brand new for me.

However, I have always been a diet and nutrition geek, trying out every diet under the sun, from the Cabbage Soup Diet to the Celebrity Slim Milkshake Diet, and so have always had an interest in this side of things. Plus, with my fiancé an aspiring Personal Trainer, I am pretty well informed on health, fitness and nutrition these days.

[Please note, I am not in any way endorsing dangerous fad-diets, in fact today I am very anti them and prefer to eat healthily and stay active, or as active as any exercise hater can be!]

For my first health and nutrition post just watch this space.

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